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Weekly Newsletter

 News and Notes
 The End of Module Assessment will be given over 2 days next week. The test will be on Tuesday, September 26, and Wednesday, September 27. 
Our first Wordly Wise quiz is on Friday, September 29. All Wordly Wise tests and activities will be online this year.
Donations for hurricane victims will be accepted all week. Student Council students will be out in front of the school every morning collecting donations.
Later in the week I will post a Fall Conference sign up page on the website.
Language Arts
We'e going to continue with our Storyworks article "Our World Turned to Water." This week the focus will be on main idea and supporting detail, as well as inferencing. The students also now have their Wordly Wise online accounts. We will be doing activities from Lesson 2 this week and next week, and the Lesson 2 quiz will be Friday, September 29. 
We are finishing Module 1 this week. This week the students will be dividing using both a place value chart and the standard algorithm. The purpose of the place value chart is to give them a deeper understanding of how division works. The students will be using both methods to see the similarities between the algorithm and place value chart. The End of Module 1 Assessment will be taken over two days, Tuesday September 26th and Wednesday September 27th.
Social Studies
The students are going to be completing their Native American studies this week. In groups they are reading from the textbook and using online sources to create a slideshow that focuses on different aspects of Native American life. The students are learning about their homes, food, religion, natural resources, and how the region they lived in had an effect on their culture.
 We are combining science with STEAM over the next couple of weeks. The students were given a challenge of how to design a plant that can survive in the arctic. They are using the engineering process to come up with a plan and then execute their ideas.