Alta Vista Elementary School

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Holbrook's Hoppers' Lily Pad

Holbrook's Hoppers'
Lily Pad

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

First Grade Froggy Friends
Welcome to Hopperville!  Thank You for coming to Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 24.  I really appreciate your support!  If you want to look at the Google Slides, you can just "click" on the link that I have provided.  
*Remember to tie your First Grader's shoes in the morning!  "Wrap around" two times - for a better bow! 
*We would like to say, "Thank You" to Heidi Owens - for helping us in the classroom on Thursday!  We sure appreciate our "Hoppy Helpers"!
*We need some hand sanitizer!  Is there a family (or 2) that could provide a big bottle for our classroom?  Thank You!  We all want to be hoppy and healthy!  =) 
*If you have a question to ask Miss Holbrook, you can email me at!  *FYI:  You can also "click" on  "Miss Holbrook's Mail" and send me a message! Please do not hesitate to ask!  =) 

*First Grade starts at 8:15 am. The school bell that rings at 8:10 am beckons us to line up and get ready for the First Grade day. I will bring the Hoppers into the classroom at 8:10 am, but I will not take attendance until the school bell rings at 8:15 am.

**Please Note: The Alta Vista staff does not provide supervision until 8:05 am.


*Every Wednesday we will all be dismissed at 1:15 pm. The Wednesday schedule has been modified so that the First Grade teachers have an opportunity to meet and plan together.

*FYI: If your Hopper would like to buy lunch in the Cafeteria, he/she should be ready to "place an order".  
The cost is $3.50.  You can look at the menu and set up a Nutrikid's Lunch Account on the Union School District Website.       

**Please Note: We take a "Snack Break" at 10:30 every morning. I would like you to provide a healthy, nutritious snack for your First Grader to eat at snack recess - even if he/she is going to buy lunch in the Cafeteria! It would be really nice if you provided something to drink at snack time as well! =)

*Please Note: I would really appreciate it if you would meet me after school if you want to tell me something, ask me something, or show/give me something. I am pretty "focused" on my Hoppers in the morning! =) FYI: It is important for you to let me say, "Goodbye" to each Hopper before you meet me! =)

*I would like to collect some information about your child and your family.  This information will help me communicate with you more effectively throughout the year.  I have provided a link to a Google Form for you.  Please fill out this form by Friday, August 26.    I sure appreciate your support!
Hopper Hugs 2 U!

Miss Susan Holbrook

356-6146 Extension 11102