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Kindergarten Schedule
From August 16th through September 29th, our kindergarten day runs from 8:15 to 11:35. Beginning October 2nd, kindergarten hours are 8:15-1:40 on M, Tu, Th, F. We have a modified schedule on Wednesdays: 8:15-1:15. 
History Social Science
We have just adopted TCI for our Social Science program. In addition, we use Scholastic News, "Let's Find Out."  Students in kindergarten are introduced to basic relationships, emphasizing the geographic and historical connections between the world today and the world long ago.

Language Arts
We use many resources, and a big part of our program includes differentiated small group instruction. We also have adopted the Fundations literacy program, which emphasizes a phonics-based approach to reading instruction. Children will be learning letter-sound correspondences both in isolation and within text. Letter sounds will all be introduced in the first trimester. Children will also be introduced to 40+ sight words. We will be learning blending, segmenting, counting syllables, and recognizing punctuation. Children will be exposed to many genres of stories, and will be expected to ask and answer questions about key details in the text.  Children will use writing to compose opinion pieces, explanatory texts, and narratives.

Common Core standards are implemented using the Eureka Math program. Children will learn to recognize numbers 0-20, and counting to 100.  They will understand the relationship between numbers and quantities and the terms more, fewer, and equal. They will learn addition and subtraction facts within five with fluency, and will be able to solve facts within 10. They will also learn the names and characteristics of solid and plane shapes.

We will be implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through a program called "Mystery Science," along with other resources. Hands-on science experiments and activities are incorporated into units on Force, Weather, and Plants & Animals. Students learn that scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations.
Kindergarten Staff
Mrs. Barbara
Room K1
[email protected]
Mrs. Grist
Room K2 
Mrs. Pugliese
Room 1