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Web-based Programs

What is the Stanford EPGY Math Program?

EPGY  is an online math program run by Stanford University used to differentiate in math for both high achieving student and those needing reinforcement. The program will adjust the motion parameters and provide more challenging exercises for students identified as high achieving and/or with accelerated skills.  

How does this program support my child’s math needs?

In order to ensure the students are working at the appropriate level, students have taken an initial EPGY placement test. The program is self-paced and intended for your child to work on independently at home, and/or in some cases, your child’s teacher may feel it is an appropriate supplement within the classroom setting when sufficient mastery of grade level curriculum has been determined. The program will adjust the motion parameters and provide more challenging exercises and pacing if the student is demonstrating high efficiency and comprehension of the skills.   The program responds to individual differences by modifying the number and order of problems presented. When the student falls below a certain threshold for a certain concept, the lecture and exercises for that concept will be repeated.

How does the program help my child?

The program assumes a certain learning curve and responds to individual differences by modifying the number and order of problems that are presented. If the student correctly answers several consecutive exercises in a particular section, the program will advance to the next section. If, however, the student incorrectly answers several exercises in a specific section, the program will present more exercises to the student, thus giving the student an additional opportunity to learn the material.  If the student incorrectly answers more than an acceptable amount of exercises in a certain section, the student will move backward in the course until achieving an acceptable number of correct responses.  Students will see fewer exercises when they answer exercises correctly on either of the first two attempts.

Students may be tempted to avoid the repetition of exercises by working on challenging problems with the help of others; however, lessons are designed for students to work as independent learners. It is better to encourage the student to work through the new lessons and to discuss new material only after the session is completed. All student progress will be monitored here at school and by our District EPGY School Support representative to ensure students are making expected progress, and the end of level assessments will be given at school to ensure students are working at the appropriate level.

When and how often do they participate in Stanford EPGY?  Students recommended for the at-home supplemental enrichment program will be working on a self-paced course, though it is recommended students participate in EPGY for at least 4 sessions per week. Please let your child’s teacher know if your child repeatedly finds the tasks too difficult or is becoming overly frustrated. Some difficulty is expected, but we want the students to also feel they are making progress and being challenged appropriately. Student participation will be monitored for consistency and progress. Due to limited licenses, students not using the program on a consistent basis will be dropped and the license given to students on our waiting list.
 A login has been provided for your child to participate in the program at home. They will need to go to the login page at:
For specific questions regarding your child's recommendation to EPGY, please contact your child’s teacher.