Alta Vista Elementary School

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Playground & Recess Rules

  1. I will listen school staff & yard duty.
  2. I will wait to be excused from the lunch area.
  3. I will tell a yard duty if someone is hurt, has a problem, or needs help.
  4. I will ask a yard duty or Recess Leaders for help if I can’t  solve a problem on my own.
  5. I will get a pass to go to the office.
  6. I will use all playground equipment correctly.
  7. I will not exclude anyone from a game or activity.
  8. I will play fairly, safely, and show good sportsmanship.

These things are not allowed:
  • Running in lunch areas or hallways
  • Playing/hiding in restrooms or off-limit areas
  • Tag on blacktop, forest/trees, or play equipment
  • Kicking balls on the blacktop
  • Tackling, body blocks, grabbing or play fighting/karate
  • Rough or dangerous games
  • Throwing objects that might hurt others (balls, sticks, tan bark, acorns, dirt, rocks, etc.)
  • Hitting or hurting another person
  • Using bad language or name calling
  • Bullying, teasing, or threats
  • Playing in planter boxes, behind buildings, in bushes or along fences
  • Food on play structures or around organized games
  • Toys, sports equipment or electronics
  • Riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. on campus

School Grounds/Off Limits
  1. Students must not arrive at school earlier than 8:05 A.M. Students are to line up in the morning by their classroom. (or designated area).
  2. There is no playing on the playground, equipment or grass areas before or after school. Younger siblings are not to be playing on the play structure at anytime during school hours. 
  3. At dismissal, children are to depart school grounds unless they are in an after-school program.
  4. Yellow lines are considered “No Cross Lines” and are off-limit areas.
  5. Students are not to play or be in planter boxes, behind buildings, bushes/trees, or near fences.
  6. Absolutely nothing should be thrown over the fence into neighboring yards!
  7. Students are not allowed to ride their scooters, skateboards or bike on campus during school hours.
  8. There is no playing/hiding in restrooms or off-limit areas.
FOREST HABITATS (3rd -5th Grades)
The following are NOT allowed in the Forest Habitats:
  • Stealing or destroying another habitat
  • Having more than one habitat at a time or claiming a habitat for more than one day
  • Digging large holes/pits, damaging trees in the forest area
  • Taking rocks or materials from off-limit areas or outside of the forest habitat
  • Climbing trees, pulling branches, bark or berries off trees, or damaging trees
  • Making perfume
  • Baggies, water bottles, food, & other items not part of nature.
  • Smashing/pounding rocks
  • Running/playing tag in the forest/habitats
  • Throwing/kicking dirt, rocks, or other objects