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Recess Game Rules

Tether Ball Rules
  • Lead Player chooses the direction in which she/he will hit the ball.
  • He/She begins by batting the ball to the opponent.
  • The opponent attempts to hit the ball in the opposite direction.
  • When a player causes a violation, a new player moves into the game.
  • The player remaining in the game becomes the Lead Player.
  • Ball should be hit with the heel or palm of the hand.
  • The ball must remain in motion at all times during the game
  • A win occurs when the ball is wrapped completely around the pole in one direction.

Winner Limit: If a person wins 3x in a row, he steps out and goes to the end of the line.


• Touching or grabbing the rope or pole

• Catching/stopping the ball

• Stepping on a line or outside the circle

•  Flinging the ball

• Use of fists

Allowable Adaptations

• Bubbles  - player may “bubble” or bounce the  ball in their hands THREE times before hitting it. 

• Team Games – 2 players per side.   Same rules apply to the team. 

•  2 players rotate in and out per game rules


Wall Ball Rules:

  1. The ball is served by bouncing on the 1) ground and then 2) hitting the wall.
  2. The other player must hit the ball on the 1) ground and then 2) the wall.
  3. In turn each player takes turns hitting the ball on the blacktop and against the wall after it has bounced once on the blacktop after coming off the wall. (One hit, one bounce)
  4. Ball may only bounce once after hitting the wall before the opponent hits it.

Winner Limit: If a person wins 3x in a row, he must step out and go to the end of the line.

Children are OUT if:

  1. The ball hits the blacktop twice before the opposite player has a chance to hit the ball.
  2. When a player hits the ball and it does not reach the wall.
  3. The ball hits the ground and wall at the same time (pocket)
  4. If the ball misses the wall by going over or to the side of the wall. (Person who hit it must get it.)
  5. The ball lands on the line or out of bounds.
  6. The ball hits the wall first then bounces. ( No Bullets or Rainbows)


  • Playover: If a player cannot reach the ball because of interference by the children in line it is a playover.
  • If a player cannot reach the ball because of interference of the other player the other player is out.
  • A player who blocks his opponent is out