Alta Vista Elementary School

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Lunch & Cafeteria Rules


  1. Act RESPECTFUL to lunch servers, yard duty supervisors and in the lunch line.
  2. Use GOOD MANNERS in the lunch area:
  • NO throwing or spitting food
  • Clean-Up your table area
  • NO shouting or rude/disrespectful behavior
  1. SIT at the lunch tables and eat your lunch; no one is to leave their table area once seated without permission
  2. Standing is allowed at the outside wall areas only.
  3. Ask permission to leave your table or go to the restroom.
  4. Eat only your own food; do not share food.
  5. There is to be NO playing, running, or ball bouncing in the lunch area or cafeteria
  6. Students will WAIT to be excused by the yard duty. All TRASH must be picked up & thrown away.