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Student Intervention Services

A.L.L. INTERVENTION TEAM MEETING (Appropriate Links to Learning)
The ALL (Appropriate Links to Learning) Team is a school site team which reviews individual student strengths and problem areas. The ALL team plans strategies and organizes resources for addressing problems and concerns. It is a systematic approach to problem solving with built in accountability.

Our ALL Intervention Team is part of regular education collaboration and support at our school and throughout our district. The ALL process is designed to be collaborative and supportive in assisting all students to receive the appropriate support and intervention for their success. The team typically includes: parents, classroom teacher, principal, and any specialist with appropriate information to share. Parents are welcome to bring others they feel might be able to contribute to the process. The team reviews interventions and related progress regarding individual students, then works to develop additional strategies/interventions to address any areas of concern. When additional support is needed beyond the regular classroom interventions, students may be placed in one of several reading intervention programs currently offered at Alta Vista. All intervention programs are scheduled as part of the student’s regular classroom reading program.

When there is a concern for your child, please speak to the classroom teacher first. You do not need to wait until the official after-school conferences in the Fall and Spring. Leave a message in the office for a phone conference or meeting before or after school. The teacher may recommend that the principal or resource teacher attend for informational purposes.

We have a counselor on site one day per week. The counselor provides services to children through 1:1 counseling and social skills focus on building pro-social skills and positive peer relationships. Students are referred counseling through the A.L.L. Intervention process.


FastForWord is our newest intervention program. It is a technology-based intervention program based in neuroscience, that focuses on the fourcomponents of reading - processing, memory, sequencing, and attention. Click Here to learn more: Fast ForWord Overview

Lexia Reading: Lexia is a computer-based intervention program utilized in K-5 that is designed to reinforce and provide explicit, systematic, and structured practice on the essential reading skills. All kindergarten students are enrolled in Lexia and use it as part of their regular reading instruction. In grades 1 & 2, our Intensive and Strategic reading groups participate in Lexia as part of their instructional reading program.

Reading Recovery®: A retired community member, aka "Grandpa Sam," works with our identified students in kindergarten and first grade on beginning reading skills through the Reading Recovery® approach, which targets decoding and phonemic awareness for our K/1 struggling readers. Click the link to learn more about Reading Recovery and how you can support your child at home: Parent Guide to Reading Recovery

Read Naturally: A researched-based reading fluency program, Read Naturally, provides reading support for identified students utilizing trained parent volunteers. Click Here to for information on the Home Version: One Minute Reader

We have a certified health aide on site daily and a district nurse on site as needed. Our health aide maintains the health records on each child, dispenses medications, takes care of non urgent medical care, and communicates with the district nurses for more pressing health concerns at the school site.

Our school educational psychologist is on site  and is an important support to our school. She participates as an active member of our A.L.L. Intervention team.  Additionally, she consults regularly with teachers and staff on intervention services and strategies, and assesses children for possible learning disabilities.

Students with a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities may be eligible for accommodations or modifications under Section 504 Americans with Disabilities Act. Major life activities include: caring for one's self, performing manual tasks, walking, talking, seeing, hearing breathing, working, and learning.

This is a regular education plan for students who have diagnosed disabilities that do not affect their educational functioning and need additional accommodations or modifications beyond what the regular classroom would normally provide. Contact the school principal for additional information.